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Recovery for Family | Logistics of Belonging

Recovery for Family

Touched By Addiction : For Loved Ones West Coast Recovery Centers community outreach, modeled in part after one of the five treatment foundations of West Coast Recovery Centers : FAMILY.

We’re a resource backed by psycho-education for families seeking to live in peace with the recovering addict. By erasing judgments and regaining inner calm, family members can provide support to their loved one AND hold them accountable for their own actions.
The details vary but the experience is relatable among those touched by addiction.  If any of this resonates, this community outreach group may be for you.  Your circumstance is one of the most difficult challenges in life and your experience is valid. It’s common to leave family members reeling with anger, frustration, resentment and lack of trust.  The ups and downs of your loved ones active use and recovery can make it difficult to deal with YOUR emotions while supporting them. TBA is a step in the right direction for tools and support needed to manage transitions of use and recovery.  

West Coast Recovery Centers treatment goals through family work:

At West Coast Recovery Centers, we believe the family is an integral part of the recovery process. We provide family counseling, as well as a family education program, to help family members become positive influences in a successful recovery effort. We have developed a curriculum that complements the intentions of our personalized treatment programs, which include healthy communication, relational boundaries, mindfulness, acceptance and autonomy.

We teach a number of crucial principles families need as they deal with the addiction and recovery of their loved one:

  • Become advocates for sobriety within the home
  • Identify triggers that could lead the one in recovery to relapse
  • Set and stick to boundaries
  • Erase judgments that create barriers between the recovering addict and family members
  • Restore the inner peace and calm that seemed to have been lost forever
  • Achieve peace and harmony within the home
  • Talk calmly to the recovering addict with greater potential to be heard

Family members of loved ones in treatment are shown how to become a loving mirror so the addict can see the harm he is doing to him or herself and those around him. The reflection is offered in a calm, objective way, without judgment, allowing the addict to process the information. The loving mirror also sets boundaries that let the addict know what the mirror can and cannot live with.

Family members are invited to attend our Touched By Addiction : For Loved Ones Meetup group every first Thursday of the month from 6pm – 7:30 at 785 Grand Ave Carlsbad, CA 92008.


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