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Contemplative Photography

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When our heart is touched by something we see, it is not because we are sad or melancholy. It is a physical experience of expansion and connection. Something deep within us is stirred. This is resonance. It is usually simple, everyday things that we see.

  • Julie Dubose, “Effortless Beauty; Photography as an Expression of Eye, Mind and Heart”

All of us in recovery are touched by so many things that we see; we feel the expansion, we experience and deepen our connections.  Something deep in us is constantly stirred.  Yes, we resonate, perhaps more than people who haven’t been through our life-deepening experiences. Life’s simple details move us into awe, wonder and gratitude. That is what we celebrate on this open photo blog: All of our life’s visual connections with each other, our resonance with nature, our gratitude in the simple details of a life recovered.

My name is Andy Laub. I share practical mindfulness teachings at West Coast Recovery Center’s facilities. I use tea awareness, sound meditation and contemplative photography to deliver these teachings. In my years of teaching mindfulness in recovery centers and hospitals, I find the most direct way to bring an experience of the present is through the senses.  I use my background as Certified Tea Master, sound meditation producer and cell phone photographer to bring clients to the rich and grounded present. My journey into mindfulness started fourteen years ago: I got sober.

We humbly invite our inspirational friends and guides working in recovery to share their photos. We want to see what photos moves our counselors, our interventionists our therapists. We want to see the photos that move our families. We want to see the photos move us in recovery.

This is not a competition or a type of photographic genre like zen or nature of minimalism.  It can be, however this  is a blog of photos submitted by happy people voicing their life’s  joy through the photos they submit.  This photo blog is a celebration of our expansion, our connection. This blog is a statement of what simple things resonates with each of us.

Do keep in mind people from across the country and around the world will turn to this blog for inspiration of what a life in joyous recovery could look like. The photos you share will stir something deep in others; please do share and know that you are deeply touching others; you are connecting and inspiring in miraculous ways. For your generous sharing of inspiration to those still suffering, I humbly bow to you all.

    – Andy

If you would like to submit a photo, please do so here.

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