Touched By Addiction: Community for Loved Ones

Millions of people live and thrive in addiction recovery. There is an active and vocal community of survivors and their loved ones. It is a community you as well as your loved one can join. This community is essential for maintaining and enjoying sobriety as well as immediate and long-term mental health.

The U.S. Surgeon General explains that addiction is, “a chronic disorder from which individuals can recover, so long as they have access to evidence-based treatments and responsive long-term supports.”

Addiction and mental health recovery begin with professional treatment. Long-term support involves continued treatment.


West Coast Recovery Centers is unique in that while in treatment, clients are also integrated into our recovery community. Recovery is a comprehensive term because recovery is a comprehensive experience. Ending substance misuse is about more than no longer taking a drug. The Surgeon General continues,

“Various definitions of individual recovery have been offered nationally and internationally. Although they differ in some respects, all of these recovery definitions describe personal changes that are well beyond simply stopping substance use.”


Community encourages and supports many aspects of personal change and overall health. It supports those in recovery and those helping others find health and stability. Finding and joining an understanding community promotes wellness on multiple levels for all demographics of the recovery community including loved ones.  West Coast Recovery Centers has started a Meetup group called Touched By Addiction: For Loved Ones. 








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